Maritime law, shipbuilding

Maritime law, shipbuilding

Ship construction. The lawyers at our office represent shipyards as consultants and subcontractors, ship-owners as well as investors in shipbuilding projects. We draft and examine shipbuilding contracts and provide legal advice on the execution of the shipbuilding process and billing after the process is complete. We also draft general legal conditions for shipyards and their contractors. We support our clients in ship delivery transactions.

Financing, collateral and securities. We provide advice on the procurement of finance for the construction or purchase of ships. We recommend collateral and securities established in the shipbuilding or ship repair process, including marine mortgages, the retention of title, as well as bank and insurance guarantees.

Administrative and dispute proceedings. We conduct court and arbitration proceedings in Poland and abroad and represent our clients in connection with shipbuilding and ship repair contracts performed by shipyards, as well as by suppliers and subcontractors. We act as proxies in ship registration and arrest proceedings. We conduct proceedings regarding collisions, accidents, breakdowns, pollution of the marine environment, etc. We participate in proceedings before maritime chambers.

Transportation of passengers and goods. We handle claims regarding goods as well as passenger transportation. We examine goods and passenger transportation contracts. In most cases, charter contracts and waybills are the subject matter of our legal analysis. 

Working at sea. We provide legal advice on working at sea.

Sea areas. We provide legal analysis regarding spatial development planning and administrative decisions concerning maritime areas.