Energy law

Energy law

Contracts. We draft contracts and legal reports (for example connection agreements, sales agreements) and general conditions in the area of energy law. We have extensive experience with the practical application of contracts in the field of energy law. We also prepare detailed procedures for conflicting situations, such as procedures for the cancellation of energy supply and those regarding the documentation of illegal and non-contractual energy consumption.

Representation in administrative procedures. We represent clients in administrative proceedings before the President of the Energy Regulatory Office and in lawsuits before the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection. We provide legal aid with acquiring energy concessions. Moreover, we help our clients in the process of negotiating the final form of tariff submissions. We conduct proceedings regarding the refusal to connect an energy recipient to the network and energy source (TPA, third party access).

Auditing. We provide auditing services to energy companies and separated energy facilities (i.e. carve-outs). We help our clients with the identification of business units, that are relevant for the valuation of the company to ensure an appropriate price offered within the acquisition. We provide legal advice regarding the legal status of industrial properties and facilities that are the objects of a legal transaction.

Advice on cooperation types. We offer advice in decisions about the most efficient type of cooperation between energy producers, traders and energy sellers. Owing to our experience, we are able to offer our clients the type of cooperation which is best suited to their situation. We also help our clients with bringing their complicated factual and legal situations into legal conformity. 

Regulating the legal status of real estate. We offer advice in relation to the regulation of the legal status of real estate, which is used for production and transmission infrastructure (transmission easement, occupation of rights-of-way). Based on our knowledge and experience, we are able to prepare an extensive strategy for our clients to settle the legal status of their real estate, including civil and public law aspects. 

Renewable energy sources. We help our clients with arranging a legal framework for the use of renewable energy. We prepare the optimal legal framework for the factual situation of our clients, including the formation of Special Purpose Vehicles based on Polish and foreign law. 

Offshore wind parks. We support offshore projects and take an active part in the legislative procedure of the Polish offshore wind energy regulations.