Labour law

Labour law

Labour law contracts. At the request of our clients, we prepare and give opinions on numerous contracts in the field of labour law in the broad sense (e.g. employment contracts, management contracts, non-competition agreements, trade secret agreements).

Collective labour law. We prepare and give opinions on work regulations, remuneration regulations and other documents in the field of individual and collective labour law and help in their implementation. We represent clients in negotiations with trade unions, including collective disputes. We advise and develop draft documents in the employment restructuring process.

Mobbing prevention. We prepare anti-mobbing and anti-discrimination procedures for employers, conduct training in mobbing and discrimination and represent employers in disputes.

Conducting disputes. We conduct court and administrative proceedings related to labour law and occupational health and safety.

Employment of foreigners. We provide legal assistance in obtaining employment permits for foreigners. We have experience in employment at embassies and consulates.

Work at sea. We have experience in the field of work performed at sea, both in the area of employment by shipowners and third parties.