Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Comprehensive services. We provide advice for our clients during the whole process: from the preparation to post-transactional stage. Based on our experience, we help our clients by planning their acquisition project correctly (including the preparation of a project time schedule and the distribution of roles within the project). Moreover, we provide professional services concerning the closing stage of transactions, in both the legal and organizational areas. 

Due diligence audits. We conduct due diligence audits of companies and assets. Our team investigate the legal aspects of companies, facilities and assets. We prepare audit reports and presentations. Based on the results of due diligence audits, we draft individual contracts or sets of contracts, which are necessary for achieving the economic purpose of the transaction. We represent clients in negotiations by providing legal support or by leading the negotiation process.

Advice on cooperation models. We help our clients by choosing the optimal transaction model, considering both share deals and asset deals (the sale of the company’s shares and stocks or the sale of assets). 

Contracts in ongoing transactions. We help our clients in the structuring of the M&A process on a contractual basis. We establish non-disclosure agreements, term sheets, letters of intent (LOI’s), memorandums, conditional and tentative agreements, binding and  non-binding offers, definitive purchase agreements with regard to the assets, shares and stocks which have been acquired.

The process of integration of companies and assets. We provide advice to our clients concerning the integration of purchased property into the existing law structures after the closure of a transaction.

Workplace transition. Within the framework of business acquisition and merger projects, we care about the proper implementation of the obligations of the future and current employer in relation to the takeover of the workplace and employees.