Commercial law

Commercial law

Establishment of companies and partnerships. We establish business units, including partnerships and companies, among them joint ventures and their subsidiaries and representations. We develop individual legal solutions, which are tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We also specialize in services for foreign companies, which we support by choosing the most suitable business status for them in Poland. 

Ongoing legal service. We offer advice on the ongoing operations of companies, which participate in different industry sectors. We offer legal services for the following corporate bodies: general meetings, shareholder meetings, supervisory and administrative boards. On request of companies, we also prepare drafts of resolutions, minutes and statutes for particular company bodies. We draft amendments to statutes and articles of association. We draft shares and stock trading contracts. 

Legal disputes. We conduct legal disputes in the area of commercial law, including the liability of board members in cases of failure to file an application for the declaration of bankruptcy and of illegal practice of company bodies. We also represent clients in cases of an exclusion of a shareholder from the company.

Transformation of companies and partnerships. We have extensive experience in the field of corporate merger, division and other forms of company reconstruction. We conduct procedures regarding the increase and reduction of the share capital. We help our clients with the issuance and redemption of shares and stocks.

Corporate bonds. We have experience in implementing a corporate bond issuance process. 

Beneficial owner. We support our clients with a complicated ownership structure to fulfil their duty, which consists in the correct identification of  their beneficial owners. The duty to do so follows from the regulations of the Act on combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism (AML).