Mr Marek Kacprzak as an expert in the news broadcast

On 26 December 2018, Mr Marek Kacprzak, as an expert on maritime law, spoke about the arrest (seizure) of a seagoing ship as security for maritime claims in the "Fakty TVN" TV news broadcast.

Mr  Marek Kacprzak’s speech was connected with the matter of preventing the crew of the Yacht Club Sopot from entering the 74th edition of the Rolex Sydney-Hobart regatta in December 2018. The crew of the Yacht Club Sopot was unlicensed due to the probable forgery of insurance documents by the owner of the "Kosatka Monster Project" yacht rented for the regatta.

The arrest (seizure) of a sea-going ship was regulated in the International Convention Relating to the Arrest of Sea-Going Ships signed in Brussels on May 10, 1952. Poland acceded to this Convention in 1976. Pursuant to its Article 1(2), the arrest of a ship includes the detention of a ship with the authorisation of a competent judicial authority to secure a maritime claim. However, this does not include the seizure or attachment of a sea-going ship for the enforcement of an enforceable claim.