Changes to the Code of Civil Procedure

The act of 4 July 2019 amending the Code of Civil Procedure Act and some other laws (Journal of Laws 2019, item 1469) introduced the most extensive change in the Code of Civil Procedure for years.

The amendment to the Code of Civil Procedure contains over 300 new and amended provisions. The main aim of the changes is to improve and accelerate civil procedures.

As part of the implementation of this plan, the preparatory meeting was introduced, a separate procedure in commercial cases was reinstated and special rules in the area of the document process and dunning procedure were introduced. Generally, the changes to the Code of Civil Procedure came into force on 7 November  2019.

The provisions of the new law apply, with certain exceptions, to cases initiated and not completed before the effective date of the amendment. However, the new regulations on separate procedures in commercial cases do not apply to matters that were initiated but not completed before the amendment became effective.