Contracts. We draw up and give opinions on contracts based on Energy Law (e.g. those concerning sales and a connection to the grid) and general terms and conditions of contracts.

Representation in administrative proceedings (ERO, Office of Competition and Consumer Protection). We represent clients in administrative proceedings before the President of the Energy Regulatory Office and in court proceedings before the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection.

Audits. We carry out audits of operating energy companies and separate systems.

Advice on the cooperation model. We advise on making decisions about the form of cooperation between the energy producers, distributors and sellers.

Settlement of the legal status of real estate. We assist in the settlement of the legal status of real estate occupied for manufacturing and transmission infrastructure (easements, the use of the right-of-way).

Renewable energy sources. We advise on the appropriate legal grounds for running renewable energy projects.

Offshore wind farms. We legally support projects in the offshore industry.